Tash-tastic! Grow a Moustache & Help DT38 in November

Grow a Mo for a Bro this November and support our campaign to save men’s lives by raising awareness of testicular cancer.

That’s right! It’s time to decorate your philtrum – the beautiful bit between your nose and top lip – and help DT38 survive this dreaded COVID-19 crisis.

You could be the next David Warner, Captain Sir Tom Moore, Martin Luther King Jr or Burt Reynolds and Movember offers the perfect time to develop your own woolly worm for charity.

For the month ahead why not take on a ‘tache in the name of DT38 and do so in the knowledge that every penny or cent donated is helping men across the UK and Australia better understand the risks of testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer can be a killer and it targets boys and men of every age, although it’s most common in guys aged 18-35.

DT38 exists to raise awareness of the disease – in memory of Dylan Tombides – and because of COVID-19, all of our major fundraising events has been cancelled in 2020.

So if you want to support DT38 and help others, take part in Grow a Mo for a Bro this November, it’s simple, fun and very important.

What you need to do!

  1. Stop shaving and grow a moustache from November 1-30, 2020. If your better half loves it then maybe keep it forever!
  2. Fundraise for your effort. Get friends, family and anyone else for donate for your hard work.
  3. Collect up the money and donate it to DT38 to help us save men’s lives by raising awareness of testicular cancer across the UK and Australia. Make donations using the label “Movember 2020” here (UK & Rest of the World) or (Australia only)
  4. Once you have something to show, send a picture of your terrific ‘tache and your name to

What you get back!

  1. For all donations of £50 (UK) / $100 (Australia) OR ABOVE we’ll share your picture and name to our 35,000 social media fans!
  2. The knowledge that you’re doing a very good thing by helping other men understand the risks of testicular cancer.
  3. A fantastic new look!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Grow a Mo for A Bro!