Start 2024 with the New DT38 E-Calendar

Take 2024 by the balls, by signing up to the new DT38 E-Calendar for FREE.

The new initiative uses technology to remind people to check themselves down under on the first of every month.

By signing up you are just a few clicks away from getting all the important DT38 dates you need automatically updated onto the calendar of your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Tracy Tombides, Co-Founder of DT38, said: “We are very encouraged to see so many people signing up to our new scheme but I want to see more get involved.

“Our all new e-calendar is a great aid to remind people to check their testicles on the first of every month and it’s so easy to access, it could make all the difference.

“We also make sure that all key dates are in there for DT38, so subscribers have everything automatically updates on their phones and tablets and it’s completely free.

“There are only up-sides to our new e-calendar, so if you haven’t yet, I urge you to get involved.”

The innovation has primarily been introduced to enable more men and boys to check their testicles once a month, to pick up signs of anything unusual early on.

Here’s a reminder of the top benefits!

  • Includes monthly reminder to check your testicles
  • Automatically adds DT38 events to your mobile device calendar
  • Compatible with Apple, Google, Microsoft & many other digital calendars
  • Easy sign-up & synchronisation
  • Available NOW on the homepage
  • It’s completely FREE

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to subscribe here

The link you need is at the top of our homepage. Tracy talks you through the simple process in the video below.