DT38 Official Newsletter – CHANNEL38 – March 2020 Edition

Welcome to the DT38 March newsletter, Channel38.

This is where we bring together all the very latest developments, events and support stories at DT38.

It’s also a chance for us to share important information about the work we do to raise awareness of testicular cancer around schools and in communities as well as publicly offering our thanks to the many people who support us in our endeavours.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our lives have changed dramatically in the past few weeks as we all pull together in both Australia and the UK to keep the most vulnerable within our society safe during the outbreak and spread of this dreadful pandemic.

Of course, there are so many strands to this terrible experience. 

We have stopped socializing with other people and in many cases people are unable to work in the same way or at all.

The full impact of the situation is still being understood as we cope with the effects of social distancing and isolation upon our mental health, relationships and livelihoods.

But the highest priority is, of course, to stop spreading the virus to relieve pressure on our over-stretched health services so that they can care for those most vulnerable both with and without Coronavirus.

Switching our attention to DT38, it is so important to say (if obvious), that cases of testicular cancer do not stop or slow down during this crisis.

Therefore it is even more important than ever that men and boys in the UK, Australia and across the world begin to, or continue to, check themselves on the 1stof every month.

Early detection is critical to survival chances and treatment options for people with testicular cancer and it is possible that usual levels of care will not be available at our hospitals at this time because of the pressure on our health workers caused by Coronavirus.

In February we launched a new campaign, Check-1-Two, to encourage males to check themselves on the first day of every month. It’s a simple way to remember to complete what is a simple physical check.

As we said, early enough detection of testicular cancer can mean your chances of survival are as high as 99%.

So please check yourselves on the 1st of every month from now on.

To find out how to self check click here:

DT38 Golf Days Postponed 

We are very disappointed to confirm that our DT38 Charity Golf Days in both Australia and the UK have both been postponed until later this year.

The UK event was due to take place at Langdon Hill Golf & Country Club on April 28th, 2020, and the Australian fundraiser at Wembley Golf Club on May 21st, 2020.

Thank you to Langdon Hills Golf Club, Wembley Golf Club, E13 Events, Perth Glory, all of our celebrity players and everyone who bought tickets for these events so far. 

We look forward to working with you all later in the year and we will confirm the new dates as we can.

Both of the events have been delayed because of Coronavirus outbreak.

Fundraising for DT38 During Coronavirus

Of course the Coronavirus has had a significant impact upon everyone.

A large part of DT38’s fundraising comes from events we run throughout the year, as well as from individuals, companies and organisations who undertake fundraising initiatives to support our campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

But we, like many others, have sadly been affected by the postponement of cancellation of many events and fundraising opportunities across 2020.

The funds we receive are vital to support our ongoing work to help save the lives of men and boys through education and self checking campaigns.

If you would like to continue supporting DT38 we do still accept direct donations via our website or you could make a purchase through our online store here:

Thank you so much for any support you can give.

Check 1-Two Campaign Launch Reminder

In case you missed it, we marked the 5th anniversary of DT38 with the launch of a new and exciting campaign to encourage men and boys to check their testicles regularly.

Spearheaded by a team of big names from the world of football, Check 1-Two is an important new regular event to educate males to be safe in the nether regions by carrying out a simple check on the first day of every month.

Whether you’re in the shower, in bed, at home on the sofa or anywhere else suitably private, it only takes a couple of minutes to examine your balls.

And keeping an eye (or hand to be totally accurate) on your nuts could save your life, so it really is minimal effort for maximum peace of mind.

Of course, if you are checking yourself on the first of every month (as is the mantra of Check 1-Two) and you notice a pea sized lump, pain or discomfort that you cannot explain then you should book into your GP as soon as possible and insist on an ultrasound scan.

Tracy Tombides, co-founder of DT38, is the brains behind the campaign.

She said: “Check 1-Two couldn’t be easier. On the first of every month remember to give yourselves a quick check down under.

“Why not put a reminder in your phone? 

“Of course, here at DT38 we’re going to be working hard to remind people because we know that self checking save lives – if you catch testicular cancer early you have a much better chance of survival or less complications.

“And girls, you have a part to play too. Remind your husbands, partners, sons, brothers, dads and grandads and friends that they need to have a grab on the first of every month, just remember Check 1-Two”.

DT38 was founded in 2015 to raise awareness of testicular cancer in memory of West Ham and Australia footballer Dylan Tombides who passed away from the disease in April 2014.

Partnership with Checkemlads Testicular Cancer

DT38 recently teamed up with fellow charity Checkemlads Testicular Cancer on our 5th anniversary to share a valuable range of resources about the disease to men and boys across the world.

Since 2015, DT38 has been educating people about testicular cancer, raising awareness of the disease, promoting self checking and organising free scan sessions in the UK and Australia.

Checkemlads Testicular Cancer and their new website Testicular Cancer Uk – was founded by testicular cancer survivor Phil Morris.

The charity is “an army of (testicular cancer) survivors willing to help with support in our support group.”

They have continued to grow over the years and now have members from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland. Italy and Canada.

Checkemlads Testicular Cancer UK’s website has a host of important resources for all men – including those who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer – and includes real life stories, self checking advice, symptom, diagnosis and treatment information and a support for people affected by the disease.

Tracy Tombides, founder of DT38, said: “Linking up with Checkemlads Testicular Cancer seemed like the most natural partnership in the world to me.

“While DT38 continues to work extremely hard at upfront to raise awareness about the disease to so many people in the UK, Australia and further afield, Checkemlads Testicular Cancer support males and their families who are affected by the disease as well as offering lots of information designed to keep you safe.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with them as we mark our fifth anniversary.”

To find out more about Checkemlads Testicular Cancer visit their website here

Many Happy Returns

A hat-trick of happy birthdays were celebrated among the DT38 crew this month.

Sydney FC midfielder and DT38 Ambassador Danny De Silva turned 23 on March 6th, on the 29th Crystal Palace centre back and fellow Ambassador James Tomkins will be 31 years-old and a day later, DT38 Committee Member Ben Meredith celebrates his big day.

Many Happy Returns one and all!

Picture of the Month

We get sent loads of inspiring images each month from people across the globe showing their support for DT38 and just for fun (no prizes), we give ourselves the very tricky task of picking our “Picture of the Month”.

This month’s winner coincides with what would have been out beloved Dylan’s 26thbirthday on March 8th. We were overwhelmed by the support we received on that day and we were moved by Robert Byrne who sent in this image of himself with Dylan at Upton Park. You’re this month’s winner Robert, what a lovely picture! 

Sharing the Love 

We are so grateful to more than 35,000 people who follow and support us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Every month we receive so many shares, Retweets, likes and tags and we’re so grateful for each and every one of them, thank you.

And that brings to end this edition but we’ll be back with the next edition of Channel38 in April.

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