DT38 Newsletter Channel38 – July 2020

WWelcome to the DT38 July Newsletter, Channel38.

This is where we bring together all the very latest developments, events and support stories at DT38.

It’s also a chance for us to share important information about the work we do to raise awareness of testicular cancer around schools and in communities as well as publicly offering our thanks to the many people who support us in our endeavours.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 

As a Principal Charity Partner of West Ham United, we were delighted to watch them secure their position in the Premier League for next season.

Led by DT38 Ambassador Mark Noble, the Hammers put together a string of battling performances and results which saw them draw away from the relegation zone and claim a place in the top flight for the 2020/21 season which kicks off on September 12th, 2020.

We look forward to taking our seats at the London Stadium once again once social distancing rules allow and here’s to a successful campaign for the new term.

Come on you Irons!

Dry July for John a Fundraising Success

As the son of Italian vino makers, DT38 Director John Bondi regards wine as a fruit!

Jokes, obviously, our John is a responsible adult and a beacon of the community who’s been helping DT38 for many years!

And to support us through these very difficult Covid-19 times when all of our public fundraising events have been cancelled, John decided to ditch the grog for the entire month of July and has so far raised a whopping £3,500 (AUD) for his sobriety.

No tinnies, not a drop of ravishing red for 31 days and there is still time to support John for selfless sacrifice and to support us with our permanent campaign to raise awareness of the risks of testicular cancer.

To sponsor John just follow this link:

All proceeds support our work to protect men & boys from #testicularcancer & raise awareness of the disease which is the most common form of cancer amongst young men in the world

West Ham v Burnley Matchday Programme

We were delighted to feature in a big article in the matchday programme for the Hammers home fixture against the The Clarets on July 8th.

The thrust of the piece was to highlight our 3.80 Funding Appeal which we launched in April 2020 to help our charity survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help keep men & boys safe & win a pack of DT38 goodies! 

This is your chance to snaffle a box of fantastic DT38 merchandise and help raise awareness of the risks of testicular cancer at the same time.

For a chance of winning a pack of goodies including a DT38 book, tee-shirt & hoodie, all you need to do is send us a video of you/friends/family spreading the message “Check Yourselves Down Under on the 1st of Every Month with DT38” and if we share yours on the 1st of the month on our social media channels, you’ll win the prize!

What are you waiting for? Time to get creative and send us in your videos via facebook, Twitter or to

Our Work to Get Through Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Like many other charities DT38 relies entirely upon donations and fundraising events to carry out our work of protecting men and boys by raising awareness of the risks of testicular cancer.

Because of this terrible Covid-19 crisis, which is tragically taking the lives of loved ones and affecting the lives and livelihoods of so many people, we have experienced the cancellation of ALL fundraising events across the Summer of 2020.

This has left us in a difficult position financially in the year we marked our fifth anniversary.

As a response we launched the 3.80 Funding Appeal.

3.80 Funding Appeal 

On April 18th – six years to the day since we said goodbye to our beloved Dylan Tombides – we launched the 3.80 Funding Appeal following a tough period for our charity caused by Covid-19.

For the past five years we have continued to support men and boys in the UK, Australia and elsewhere through educating them to protect themselves by checking for testicular cancer on the first of every month.

It is more important than ever, during the Coronavirus outbreak, that males take notice of our campaign because our health services are so drastically stretched because of this terrible virus.

Whilst we continue to work tirelessly to share this message to as many people as possible, as a charity we are entirely reliant upon fundraising and donations and we have sadly experienced a dramatic fall in income dramatically because of the pandemic.

We have been forced to cancel several exciting fundraising events including Golf Days in the UK and Australia, a quiz night and several race events and, understandably, many people have turned their attentions elsewhere during this very difficult time.

We fully appreciate the future is uncertain for many people right now, as it is for DT38 and we are looking for support in the hope that we can mark our 6th anniversary in 2021 and far beyond.

We rely upon income to continue to share information about the risks of testicular cancer, the most common type of cancer among young men.

April 18th, 2020, marked the sixth anniversary of the passing of our inspiration, Dylan Tombides, who lost his battle with testicular cancer at the age of just 20.

Through the 3.80 Funding Appeal, we are asking if you can help DT38 and men and boys everywhere by making a donation of £3.80 (UK) or $3.80 (AUS) in support of our work this year. We would also be very grateful for donations from anywhere else in the world.

DT38 has continued to thrive over the past five years because of the wonderfully generous and kind hearted support of so many people and we are extremely grateful to each and everyone of you.

You can donate now here:

UK & Rest of World:


Tracy Tombides, mother of Dylan, said: “Whilst we continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness and educate our youth about testicular cancer and as many people as possible, as a charity we are entirely reliant upon fundraising and donations and we have sadly experienced a dramatic fall in income recently because of the pandemic.

“We have cancelled several exciting fundraising events and, understandably, many people have turned their attentions elsewhere during this very difficult time.

“But we rely upon income to continue to raise awareness about the risks of testicular cancer, the most common type of cancer among young men.

“So that we can move forward with true confidence in the difficult months ahead, we are asking your help.

“We are asking if you can help DT38 and men and boys everywhere by making a donation of £3.80 (UK) or $3.80 (AUS) in support of our work this year.

“We want to say a huge thanks to everyone for your unwavering support and generous donations over the past five years. By continuing to work together in the UK, Australia and further afield we can continue to keep our men and boys safe. 

“Our mission for the next five years appeared to be straightforward, but now our priority has turned to focus on reaching the 6th anniversary in February 2021.  We can only achieve this with your financial support. We want to continue to reach as many people as possible and to encourage men to check themselves down under on a monthly basis.

“In support of this we launched our Check 1-Two Campaign and it couldn’t be easier. On the first of every month remember to give yourselves a quick check down under.

“Why not put a reminder in your phone? 

“Of course, here at DT38 we’re going to be working hard to remind people because we know that self checking save lives – if you catch testicular cancer early you have a much better chance of survival or less complications.”

Support DT38 at our Online Shop

Of course the Coronavirus has had a significant impact upon everyone.

A large part of DT38’s fundraising comes from events we run throughout the year, as well as from individuals, companies and organisations who undertake fundraising initiatives to support our campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

But we, like many others, have sadly been affected by the postponement of cancellation of many events and fundraising opportunities across 2020.

The funds we receive are vital to support our ongoing work to help save the lives of men and boys through education and self-checking campaigns.

If you would like to continue supporting DT38 we do still accept direct donations via our website, you can donate towards our 3.80 Funding Appeal or you could make a purchase through our online store here:

Thank you so much for any support you can give.

Many Happy Returns

A fantastic four birthdays took place in July for the DT38 team.

On July 7th Fox Sports Australia presenter Adam Peacock celebrated his big day and on July 11th West Ham United legend Tony Cottee turned 55.

Saudi Professional League star and former Middlesbrough skipper Rhys Williams was 32 years old on July 14th and Socceroo defender Josh Risdon celebrated this 27th birthday on July 27th, spooky!

We are very proud to have all of these men as DT38 Ambassadors.

Many Happy Returns one and all!

Picture of the Month

We receive lots of fabulous photos every month from people across the world demonstrating their support for DT38 and just for fun (no prizes), we choose one image as our “Picture of the Month”.

For July we’ve chosen this lovely snap of wonderful DT38 Director Claire Meredith and DT38 Ambassador Mark Lee who met up recently and grabbed the opportunity to raise awareness of the risks of testicular cancer to men and boys everywhere! 

Great choice of hoodie Mark!

Sharing the Love 

We are so grateful to more than 35,000 people who follow and support us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Every month we receive so many shares, Retweets, likes and tags and we’re so grateful for each and every one of them, thank you.

And that brings to end this edition but we’ll be back with the next edition of Channel38 in August.

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