DT38 Launches Check 1-Two Campaign on 5th Anniversary

To mark the 5th anniversary of DT38, we have launched a new and exciting campaign to encourage men and boys to check their testicles regularly.

Spearheaded by a team of big names from the world of football, Check 1-Two is an important new regular event to educate males to be safe in the nether regions by carrying out a simple check on the first day of every month.

Whether you’re in the shower, in bed, at home on the sofa or anywhere else suitably private, it only takes a couple of minutes to examine your balls.

And keeping an eye (or hand to be totally accurate) on your nuts could save your life, so it really is minimal effort for maximum peace of mind.

Of course, if you are checking yourself on the first of every month (as is the mantra of Check 1-Two) and you notice a pea sized lump, pain or discomfort that you cannot explain then you should book in to your GP as soon as possible and insist on an ultrasound scan.

Tracy Tombides, co-founder of DT38, is the brain behind the campaign.

She said: “Check 1-Two couldn’t be easier. On the first of every month remember to give yourselves a quick check down under.

“Why not put a reminder in your phone? 

“Of course, here at DT38 we’re going to be working hard to remind people because we know that self checking save lives – if you catch testicular cancer early you have a much better chance of survival or less complications.

“And girls, you have a part to play too. Remind your husbands, partners, sons, brothers, dads and grandads and friends that they need to have a grab on the first of every month, just remember Check 1-Two”.

DT38 was founded in 2015 to raise awareness of testicular cancer in memory of West Ham and Australia footballer Dylan Tombides who passed away from the disease in April 2014.

For information on how to check your testicles click here