5th Anniversary: DT38 teams up with Checkemlads Testicular Cancer UK

DT38 has teamed up with fellow charity Checkemlads Testicular Cancer on the eve of our 5th anniversary to share a valuable range of resources about the disease to men and boys across the world.

Since 2015, DT38 has been educating people about testicular cancer, raising awareness of the disease, promoting self checking and organising free scan sessions in the UK and Australia.

Checkemlads Testicular Cancer and their new website Testicular Cancer UK – was founded by testicular cancer survivor Phil Morris.

The charity is “an army of (testicular cancer) survivors willing to help with support in our support group.”

They have continued to grow over the years and now have members from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland. Italy and Canada.

Checkemlads Testicular Cancer UK’s website has a host of important resources for all men – including those who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer – and includes real life stories, self checking advice, symptom, diagnosis and treatment information and a support for people affected by the disease.

Tracy Tombides, founder of DT38, said: “Linking up with Checkemlads Testicular Cancer seemed like the most natural partnership in the world to me.

“While DT38 continues to work extremely hard at upfront to raise awareness about the disease to so many people in the UK, Australia and further afield, Checkemlads Testicular Cancer support males and their families who are affected by the disease as well as offering lots of information designed to keep you safe.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with them as we mark our fifth anniversary.”

To find out more about Checkemlads Testicular Cancer visit their website here