Testicular cancer


Raising awareness of testicular cancer saves lives. But the work of DT38 is only possible because of the fantastically generous support we receive from people through donations. A little goes a long way and a lot goes even further

Where your money will go

At DT38 100% of our donations goes towards raising awareness of testicular cancer. Here are some of the projects that you can support right now.

Online Awareness Campaigns- we provide daily updates and information abut testicular cancer through our social media forums including twitter, instagram and facebook. This ensures that our followers are constantly being educated about the disease and so they are aware of how what to do if they find themselves with any symptoms. We currently work with Ultrasound Services Applecross ( Australia) and Spire Roding Hospital (United Kingdom) to provide free testicular cancer screenings twice a year for men aged 15-45.

If you would like to help us at DT38 Foundation, we would be forever grateful and so would the families who would otherwise be affected by this terrible disease. If you can afford to make a donation you will be making a difference, you will be helping to save lives. From spreading the word about the risks of the disease through awareness campaigns, to promoting our free testicular screenings, to educating children about the importance of health and wellbeing and equipping them with the necessary knowledge about testicular cancer, it all costs money. And it all means that someone, somewhere, at any time, will find a lump on their testicles and now do something about it.

At DT38 100% of our donations go towards raising awareness of testicular cancer

The funds raised allow us to implement our ‘Didge’ education programme in schools and community clubs both in the UK and Australia.

We are currently working with West Ham United Foundation and schools in the East London area. In Australia we are currently working with schools in the Perth Metro area. Funding will allow us to train up staff from clubs and schools all over the United Kingdom and Australia to ensure the DT38 message is being spread far and wide.

We have many volunteers who dedicate their time to DT38. Funds raised will allow us to hire a team of people who can assist us in expanding our charity and impacting even more lives.

Our aim is to have portable screening vans which we can take into the community to provide free testicular cancer screenings.

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